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For many years I wanted to refinish a mahogany console table that needed a serious update. Despite all of my research and reading of furniture DIY blogs, I didn't move ahead on this project out of concern that it wouldn't be completed with a professional looking finish. So, every year I said, I'll do it next year! Six years passed and finally I said "enough! and took all my online research and conversations with DIYers and amalgamated them into the instructions below which I'm sharing with you now. I am so happy that I didn't let another year pass and with the result! Completing a furniture DIY is very empowering! Once you complete one project, you gain confidence that you can do it again! Good luck!

What you will Need:

1. Primer (I used Stix from Benjamin Moore)

2. Sand paper (100 fine grit)

3. Paint (I used Pearl sheen Benjamin Moore Advance)

4. Small sponge roller and tray

5. 3/4" - 1 1/2"paint brush for small areas (use a high quality brush, it's worth the investment - I bought Purdy brand)

6. Painters Tape

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Sand table with fine grit sand paper

2. Thoroughly wipe off dust

3. Tape around anything you don’t want to get paint on (eg., casters)

4. Using paint brush, apply 1 coat of Stix primer from Benjamin Moore

5. Rinse and Wash paint brush immediately after coat has been applied

6. After the primer has dried , sand furniture surface again lightly and wipe well, removing all dust

7. Apply paint coat #1 - I used Pearl sheen Benjamin Moore Advance paint (self levels and easy to work with) in the colour 'Simply White'.

8. After the paint has dried, apply paint coat #2

9. Once paint has dried, sand furniture surface again lightly and wipe well, removing all dust

10. Apply the final coat #3

*Note: I applied 1 coat of primer/paint per day though if you start early morning you could do another coat in the evening.

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