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Updated: Nov 28, 2022

I’ve always found inspiration in the work of designers with very distinctive styles, ranging from transitional with a contemporary flair to modern. It amazes me how, despite their disparate styles and varying creative visions, their designs and furniture lines never fail to draw me in.

Having read their inspiring books, I’ve discovered that each of these wizards of design have a definitive trademark style that they incorporate throughout the spaces they grace. I’m always in awe of how the homes and the furniture lines they transform, truly reflect a carefully curated interpretation of their signature style. Having been influenced by designers who adopt such a wide range of styles, it’s no wonder that my own signature style has evolved into that best described as modern classic.

Shall we begin with Barbara Barry.

Barbara Barry describes her work as inspired by the beauty of natural surroundings. The look; transitional yet, fresh and gracefully composed. Her beautiful trademark style incorporates curvaceous ovals and cursive patterns into both her furniture lines, fabrics, sheeting and of course, the rooms she designs.

The juxtaposition between curvilinear furnishings along with pieces that have cleaner straighter lines, has an effect that is balanced and exudes softness and femininity.

Here are just a few of her gorgeous pieces:

Kelly Hoppen’s timeless yet modern designs never get old. Not exaggerating. The first of her books that I read was from 2004. I revisit her books often and incredibly, her designs always look completely current and on the mark. The trademark East meets West style she incorporates within her clean and precise interiors and furniture line, incorporates bold signature statement banners. She uses these contrasting bands to divide spaces, accentuate details and provide contrast. These banners can be seen on furniture, cushion covers or in architectural detailing within the spaces she designs.

Hete are some of her gorgeous pieces:

Suzanne Kasler’s design style has a foundation in traditional, pretty palettes, with a sophisticated mix of American and European elements appearing in furnishings and designed spaces. The symmetrical quatrefoil shape has been used in global art and architecture for centuries, and was popular throughout European Gothic architecture. Suzanne Kasler’s re-interpretation of this symbol as a contemporary signature in her furniture designs and spaces, breathes new light into this iconic historical shape.

Here are some of Suzanne Kasler’s beautiful pieces realized by Hickory Chair:

Thomas Pheasant‘s spectacular designs and furnishings are inspired by classical architectural ideals of form and proportion combined with a precise balance of darkness

and light. His work brings past into present which result in ‘evolutionary’ designs that are idyllically picturesque. He emphasizes that as a primary step, the structure of the home, ‘the bones’ so to speak must be established or re-thought before decor and lighting are selected.

Below are some of his exquisite pieces:

My own style has most definitely been influenced by these inspirational Designers. Here are some of their books that I highly recommend and I think will inspire you too!

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